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My Bazan Experience

Backyard Demolition A Pleasant Hill, California couple describes their residential landscaping project and experience working with Bazan Landscaping:

We started working with Bazan Landscaping in 2007 after removing an old swimming pool and clearing our backyard of all but two mature trees. Hugo and Carlos Bazan worked with our demolition contractor to ensure our landscaping project would get started on the right path (photo left). As with all home improvement projects, our landscaping project turned out to be a bit more complicated than we'd anticipated, but it turned out better than we imagined going into it.


Without a doubt, we felt that Bazan Landscaping did a better job of communicating with us than any other contractor we had worked with. They kept us informed, did research for us on alternative products that would save us money, and were extremely patient. This was very important when it came to the "design-build" aspects of our landscaping project.

Redwood Privacy FenceBazan Landscaping took the time to educate us when needed to explain our options and show us the difference between "most contractors" and Bazan. For example, when it came to building our fences and gates, Bazan's method of fence building used more pressure-treated lumber than other fence contractors, galvanized screws instead of nails, and hand-mixed concrete for the post holes instead of the rapid set stuff most use. This type of quality of materials, and workmanship, was evident throughout every aspect of our project.

Backyard OverviewDiscussions with friends who had completed landscaping projects of their own, made it evident that Bazan Landscaping went above and beyond what other contractors did when it came to items that would eventually be out of sight like irrigation and drainage pipe connections, wiring connections for low-voltage lighting, and especially concrete preparation (rebar, drainrock, etc). For the concrete work, we had done a good deal of research into the latest concrete mixes and additives to increase strength and flexibility and prevent cracking long-term (we have clay soils). Bazan Landscaping was happy to listen to our concerns, discuss our suggestions and implement the ones we all felt made sense.

Softscape Installation View From Above

Sod Installation Our landscaping project really had a little bit of everything. Bazan Landscaping had the skills and equipment to get all aspects of our landscaping project done to our satisfaction. Actually, we're more than satisfied with their work!

We would definitely recommend Bazan Landscaping and we would absolutely hire them again for any future landscaping work.